View Full Version : X rack and pinion slack. X0 has moved +.125

03-29-2014, 07:34 AM
There is at least 1/16 play in the X, so I started adjusting the rack lower to press on the gear, but you cannot press it down at position X = 0 as there is not slot there. Is it possible to adjust the gear up? I have gotten the slack out everywhere except the region of x0, this is too slack to use as is so I must find a way to push the gear up.

Part 2

Out of nowhere, the X0 position is now moved to the right. I have recently adjusted the gantry to square it up, but if anything the router should have moved -X, not +X. I had to go into wincnc.ini to G28 and drop the X from about .2885 to .1 to get the tool back where is used to be. The home switch is not bent. This makes no sense, as the rotation of the gantry was - degrees which should have pushed the tool -X. The side plate is still rather flush with the bottom plate.

Any suggestions welcome.

03-29-2014, 12:32 PM
What I did as a temporary fix is to remove the allen from the far left ( near X0 ) that holes the rack to the gantry. This allows the rack to drop down further and the other allen bolts hole the rack steady against the gear.