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Conversation Between Mick Martin and jimlorib59
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  1. jimlorib59
    01-26-2018 11:30 PM
    Thanks Mick
  2. Mick Martin
    01-24-2018 08:21 PM
    Mick Martin
    You are correct it's in the Wincnc.ini file
    Below is an example
    [X Axis] which is the same as the [Y Axis]
    axisvel = r450 f100 s50 m200 h450

    Sets up velocities for the specifi ed axis.

    R# sets the rapid (G0) velocity for the axis and also the maximum
    velocity that this axis can move at feed rate.

    F# sets the default feed (G1) velocity for the axis.

    S# sets the velocity for slow keyboard transit.

    M# sets the velocity for medium keyboard transit.

    H# sets the velocity for fast keyboard transit.

    So if you want to change the slow jog you would lower the S value
  3. jimlorib59
    01-22-2018 09:31 PM
    Mick can you tell me if I can change the slow jog to a slower speed. I thick in the CNCSCRN INI file but Im sure how to change it.

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