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  • Help: Parameter Out of Range

    Let me start by saying I'm very new to working on my Stinger II SR-34. I am trying to make some cuts and its giving me an error message, "Parameter Out of Range". I assumed it was because the piece that I am cutting takes up the entire cutting area, but I shrunk it and it is giving me the same error. At this point I'm stumped. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you!
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    Make sure your job origin in VCarve and the machine x0 y0 are in sync.
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      Use the eyeball preview in WinCNC after you select you job file and make sure it is cutting where you think it should be. Like Pete said you may not be using identical XY zeros between your machine and in Vcarve.
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        I'm not sure what you guys are saying.

        When I click the eyeball in win cnc it still gives me the parameters out of range error message. Here is the set up and Win CNC pictures.
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          I’d try a couple things.

          First, I’d like to know that you have the tap file on a hard disk, not a USB stick.

          On the WinCNC screen command line type G92, which removes all the green boxes.

          Move the spindle to the middle of your table using the arrow keys. Then push the x/Y zero button.

          Using the arrow key lower the tool to near the top of your work piece. Press the Z zero button.

          then load the file on your hard disk and try viewing.
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            Talked to CAMaster Tech Support. My student had the laser engraver out and changed the post processor and I didn't double check. I had the post processor set to the incorrect setting. I'm not in my shop for the rest of the day, but I believe that is what the problem was. Just needed to change the post processor back to camaster inch. Thank you all for your help!