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Installing the WinCNC PCI Card driver on Windows 10

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  • Installing the WinCNC PCI Card driver on Windows 10

    I don't know if this is still true for the latest hardware from WinCNC, but for my setup which is 2.6 the driver for the PCI7200 card is unsigned, meaning it will not be allowed to install by Windows 10 unless you turn off Signed Driver Enforcement.

    To do this:

    - Hold down the shift key, then go to the start menu and choose Restart.
    - Go to Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings and then restart again.
    - Select Disable driver signature enforcement.

    You can now install the PCI card driver.

    I actually had to do this twice - once to get it running when I installed the card, then again when Windows updated to Windows 10 version 1903.
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    Thanks for sharing the workaround for the 'unsigned' issue. I upgraded to Windows10 a year ago and didn't bump into any problems. I did ask CAMaster if there were any issues before the Windows10 upgrade and they recommended first updating WinCNC to the latest 2.6 version, which a year ago was 2.6.14.
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      There is a version 3.0 of Wincnc out on the website you can download. Thats what Im running, but I think there is a different daughter board needed for 3.0. And I think some of the older machines running 2.6 might have the “down level” daughter board. Still, worth checking into.
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        Closing the loop on this - Camaster helped me upgrade to 2.6.14 (available from the website; I was previously running 2.6.3). The PCI card driver included in 2.6.14 is signed and installs without monkey business.

        WinCNC 2.6 minor version upgrade procedure:
        - Backup WinCNC folder
        - Extract contents of update file to the c:\wincnc folder replacing files with same names
        - Run driverinstaller and approve installation
        - Reboot


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