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    We’ve tried everything we can to get this CAMaster Cobra Elite working properly but no matter what we do the spindle will not turn..

    has anyone experienced this?
    it will respond to user commands in winCNC but the spindle does not seem to be getting power to turn..

    any help would be appreciated, new to using CNC
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    Are you getting power to the VFD? Circuit breaker tripped? Power connector on the spindle tight? Control signal connectors Tight? Are there any lights on the VFD indicating power is on and any error or fault codes?
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      I spent some time working with them yesterday evening, and I can confirm that they are getting proper power to the VFD, the frequency is set right, the voltage, and control wiring is correct. The cobra is using a slightly different control board, so I was not able to verify whether the on / off signal was being passed. I'm used to a relay clicking on and off to start / stop spindle, but when trying to start the spindle via G-code, or the spindle button in Win CNC, We do not see any lights come on on the control board, and there is no audible "click" of a relay.

      A couple things that struck me as odd..

      Their machine is set up for 3 phase power, but the VFD (mitsubishi FRD720) is wired single phase. L1, L2, but no L3. does that make sense? I know it'll run on 1 or 3 phase, but why not run it on 3 if it's there?
      Also, the Spindle cannot be started or stopped from the VFD control panel, as I am able to do on My Machines.

      I'm sure the machine was tested before leaving Camaster, Are there any additional lockouts on a cobra that may be stopping the spindle from starting? Air pressure switch? some sort of guard that could have gotten knocked out of whack in transport?

      There are no error codes, and as far as the machine knows, the spindle is spinning.

      I did not see any speed control connections on their VFD, so I assume that's being handled with the network cable?

      The only connection to their VFD is the SD / STF inputs to start / stop the spindle.

      Tomorrow is Monday, so I'm sure they can give support another shot, but I know how much it sucks to sit with a brand new machine, and time to play, and not be able to do anything.

      We checked the Macros and such, and they appear to be correct, however, without being able to identify the Channel / Port / Bit which is controlling the spindle on / off, It's really hard to tell if it's just a loose connection. Especially over facetime.
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        Why are you not contacting Support to correct this issue? It seems this is either new or close to new and the factory support is very good. I am sure they can assist and get you making chips in short order.
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