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Purchasing older Camaster Cobra

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  • Purchasing older Camaster Cobra

    For the past few months I’ve been eyeing up new camaster or similar machines to produce cabinet boxes out of 0.5” plywood. Probably doing 5-10 boxes a day. I was thinking a 5x10 with 5HP or 10HP spindle would be sufficient.

    Recently I’ve come across an older (2010) camaster cobra CR-510 that has a 5HP spindle (ES915). The pricing is fairly competitive and it appears to be in good condition. If i decide to purchase this machine, anything i should be made aware of or concerned about?

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    My Cobra is a 2012 and produces cabinetry daily, A 2010 model may have a single y rack running across underneath the table, this is not a down point as I had a 2008 cobra with the same method.

    Honestly you will be far more cabable than 5-10 boxes a day we do 30-40 sheets a day with mine, as with any machine go see it, see it do what you want. I went with camaster all those years ago for lifetime support (as a second owner it is a 1500.00 fee one time or by the hour (I think) ) there is not a single part on it that you cannot replace and quickly.

    If you want to come see one my machine is always running. Do not Squint and over look what you need. you will want plumbing for a Vacuum (Hold down) and an ATC (to me) is imperative to a cabinetmaker

    The machine With that fellow I sold it to was my 2008 Cobra X3

    I am easy to find if you want to call

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    James McGrew
    CAMaster ATC 508
    The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

    Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

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      I have a 2014 510 and it just keeps spitting out boxes, day in and day out.
      They are build like tanks and are easily serviced by the user.
      Existing:-2014 Cobra 5x10 ATC w/ 10 hp spindle, Mozaik, 25 hp Becker High Vacuum Pump, 5 HP Oneida DC-Central Texas
      New:-2014 Cobra 5x12 ATC w/ 10 hp spindle, pop up pins, phenolic top, lathe, vacuum relief valve, mister system, 25 HP Blower.


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        I have a Panther with a 5hp spindle... at times I do 10 - 15 sheets of MDF a day with no issues and know I can do more if necessary so being the Cobra is the "better" machine, I think you'd have no problem. I really like my machine and being Camaster is only a 45 minute drive from me, the couple of times I have had any issues, I just took a ride and worked out what was necessary.

        Bruce Jeansonne
        CAMaster Panther 508
        Laser Engraver
        Hurricane Vacuum
        WinCNC and VCarve Pro