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    Dose anyone have a file or know of a post with. The grid pattern for a Cobra ATC 5x8 vac top? My spoil board is getting thin and needs to be replaced. I would rather not have to shave it all the way down to the vacuum board. I have done this before. Just want to save time
    I want to glue the new spoil board around the different zones in the table. I just don't know exactly where they are.
    thanks in advance!
    Eddie Kitson
    Cobra 5x8 ATC
    5hp spindle
    20hp regen vac
    laser pointer
    V carve 9.5
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    There are s number of different variations of the vac plenum files that you may be better off to verify yours one time, draw it out and then save for the future.
    Gary Campbell
    Servo Control Upgrades

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      I have two CR-508 machines and I have cut a vacuum grind in both. If you look at my youtube page or my Facebook Photo page you will see videos and pictures of me cutting both.

      One machine is a 4 zone the other is a 5 Zone.

      I also have a link of pictures and such on this forum in the Cobra-X3 area.

      Post pictures as you make it.
      Kevin Stoops
      Cobra's 508 ATC
      Recoil, vacuum hold down.
      Aspire 9, Photo w/Cut-3d, CPP
      30W Fiber Laser
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        Here is a picture of my vacuum plenum plus pop up pins.
        Attached Files
        Mick Martin
        CAMaster Cobra 508 ATC + Recoil + Popup Pins
        Digitize Touch Probe
        Wincnc Handheld Serial Keypad + Wireless Pendant
        Hurricane vacuum
        WinCNC + Aspire 9.5 + PhotoVCarve + EnRoute 5

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          Thanks for responses. I already have the vacuum grid under the spoil board.
          The spoil board needs to be resurfaced. It also needs to be replaced. So what I was wanting to do was just resurface what is left of the thickness. Of the spoil board. Then just barley route the different zones out. Surface the new spoil board and glue it on. I was trying to stay away from surfacing the old board and glue off the plenum.
          Eddie Kitson
          Cobra 5x8 ATC
          5hp spindle
          20hp regen vac
          laser pointer
          V carve 9.5


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            -What is your vacuum grid plenum made out of
            -Can you provide info on a 4x8 pattern
            -Wincnc changes for pop up pins
            -Pop up pin supplier?
            And any advice
            Ron & Tammy Schulz
            CAMaster Stinger III SR-48
            X3 + 2" Gantry Lift + Extended Gantry
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