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Carousel ATC and additional liniar tool forks

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  • Carousel ATC and additional liniar tool forks

    Hi All

    Got 2017 Cobra 5x8 with 10 position carousel tool changer.
    Camaster were using same frame as 5x10 machine so...
    I did cut grid table & added additional zone so can cut sheets up to 61" x 117.5" max (Y rails are 3.5 short to get to true 5x10) but most sheets I am using are 5x8 or 109" long max for Euro size closet material. I would greatly benefit from extra forks however so thought about adding those.

    Does anyone have a macros to share of all ini files that they wrote when they added additional forks at the end of the machine. I can't add extra tools at carousel but I am hoping to utilize that extra space for additional tools.

    All advises and comments highly appreciated. Ini files highly desired.

    Rafal Kozdeba

    Cabinets of Atlanta
    Phone / Fax: 404-933-5106