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Space requirements from wall for CNC

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  • Space requirements from wall for CNC

    Good Morning

    Looking for some guidance on distance from rear wall for a Cobra 5x10 in a one man shop. I see on the camaster site they recommend 36” clearance which seems aspirational for my small shop. I am quite slender and keep my planer 14” from the wall as an example.

    * Is this a requirement or a recommendation?
    * If I go with less, will I not be able to maintain the machine? (Grease or other maintenance) or is it a suggestion to allow you to get around the machine for placement of parts or cleanup.
    * This is not an industrial setting, so I can be slowed down if I need to get back in there for cleaning etc. but space is at a premium so id love to minimize distance from back wall

    Thanks so much, I wasn’t able to find this info in search so I apologize if covered previously.
    Anthony Q
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    You should be fine with "three side" access for both use and maintenance I would think. While I have a smaller Camaster machine, the back is right up to the wall and it's not hindered anything ... other than the ability to tile longer things. If you have an ATC that's off the back, that would certainly be easier to deal with if you had enough space back there for your body, of course...
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      I have a 5x8 with atc. The end with the atc is just over 24" from the wall. The hold down vacuum filters fit here. My vacuum is located on the other side of the wall. The vacuum zone valves can be easily reached from the side.
      With the gantry at the wall/atc end. I can walk down both sides of the table to unload parts. Makes it easy to change the tool holders also. Without stretching way out.
      I have found no limitations with performing maintenance on the machine. With this layout.
      Eddie Kitson
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        The Elites have the control box in the back under the tool rack. You would want at least 36 inches in the rear for access to that, 48 would be better. You will need access to the sides to grease bearings but could probably do with less than 36 inches if necessary.
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          I used to have my machine away from the wall 3ft or so. Then after never going back there for a year or so I just put it far enough away for the gantry to clear the wall.

          When I need it away from the wall for maintenance I just jack it up and use furniture dollies to pull in far away from the wall so I can easily reach everything.

          That took care of the left side anyway. The vacuum zone valves at the end Still need a bit of room.
          I also used silicon on my vacuum pipe to seal it instead of gluing it. A union would work as well, but I can take the silicone'ed joint apart easily enough in order to move the machine.
          A few ft of working space was worth the hassle for me.

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            Thank you all so much for your feedback. This is very helpful and informative as I work through my options. I really appreciate it!

            Anthony Q