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Automatic Tool Changer Picks Up Wrong Tool

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  • Automatic Tool Changer Picks Up Wrong Tool

    Hey y'all,

    I've got an elite series machine with an automatic tool changer and its been working fine for a while but suddenly its not picking up certain tools. We cut something at the end of the day yesterday, essentially just a square, but it cut super deep and milled a giant square in the spoilerboard. We just thought it was some kind of toolpathing error and decided to replace the spoilerboard this morning. When we went to plane the spoilerboard, it picked up the wrong tool designated for the job. The planar bit is in slot 10 (and is coordinated to match in vcarve) but it picked up tool 1 instead. After playing around a bit I noticed that it was only picking up certain tools and for others it would just pick up tool 1 instead. For instance, it would pick up tool 1 fine but if told to grab tool 2 it would just pick up tool 1 again. If told to grab tool 3 it would pick it up just fine but for tool 4 and 5, tool 1 would be picked up.

    Any ideas on why this might be happening?
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    Check your post processor setting in the Vectric software and make sure it wasn't accidentally changed to single tool...
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      in case you are not aware, you can manually enter a tool number (e.g. T3) and the changer should deposit any tool onboard, and pick up tool #3. do you have a carousel or in line holders? cycle through all the tools, T1 - T10 and see what happens, if you haven't already. this also eliminates the pp possibility. keep your finger near the cancel/esc/space bar/e-stop button (your choice) to halt if you see a tool crash coming...

      under the settings tab, you can view the tool physical locations. see if that got corrupted, you may have to reload those numbers...
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