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New CR-616 Cobra Elite - Customer Support Question

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  • New CR-616 Cobra Elite - Customer Support Question

    After 14 months of waiting, we finally picked-up and installed out new Cobra Elite CR-616 which is 16 ft x 6 ft. It has the latest Yaskawa software. The software does seem a bit buggy and as I brand new user I'm still getting more familiar with it. The machine itself seems to be a power house especially considering the I'm coming from a 2000 MultiCAM with a 3HP spindle. Our CR616 was upgraded to the 16HP spindle.

    So I'm getting a bit concerned regarding Camaster's customer service. I initially choose Camaster as they preached about having 5-star customer support. Problem is, I've emailed Camaster support three times last week. One of those emails was direct to a employee who helped me get loaded but isn't in the support department specifically. He responded and said he forwarded to my email support request to the proper individual (without sharing support emails). I ALSO called twice and got the voicemail box that is "FULL". So I've reached out a total of 5 times last week & still have no direct communications with support. And this unit is for my business so this is very, very, very frustrating as it is literally costing me money as I'm not able to use the unit properly right now.

    So the signs aren't helping me feel confident about Camaster support. I paid over $85,000 for my unit and absolutely expect CAMaster to be focused on helping to ensure all the bugs are ironed out and to help me with this initial transition to more familiarity with the machine.

    If anyone has any advice or direct contact information to support, be much appreciated. I really do want to be a 5 star satisified customer and also show positive experiences on my YouTube channel. To me, it is completely unacceptable that it takes over a business week to get any type of help....and this assumes someone reaches out to me early next week!!

    Thanks, Devin
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    I don't have an answer for you but be sure you also went to the their website and created a technical support ticket too. Don't know if it will help but it can't hurt.
    Charlie L
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      Yep, went on website for a support ticket. Did it twice actually! Thanks for the response.


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        Man it is Friday night. Little I can do yet I am willing to log in and help during the later day on sun. I am out on a boat so online is limited. Back ashore tomorrow
        James McGrew
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          Hey Devin, Sorry for the phone tag we have been doing back and forth. Please email CAMaster support and set up a time so that we can be on the same page. We can then log in and see what the issue is.
          Luke Bennett
          CAMaster CNC Tech

          Frankenstinger 25x48 custom machine


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            Devin, did you get taken care of?
            We'd like to see pics of that beast of a machine when you can post some.

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