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Texturing feed rate seems slow

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  • Texturing feed rate seems slow

    I am doing wood grain texturing with a 60 degree v bit. Tool has a feed rate of 1100 ipm set up. As the program is running it seems to be moving closer to 200 ipm but the read out says 1100 ipm. Does seems right?
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    A cnc runs as slow as it fastest axis, if x is 300 and y is 600 and z 200 then in a multiple axis move it will run 200 ipm
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      I thought of that a few minutes after posting the question. I realized in texturing the z axis motion was 50 ipm and it was traveling a lot in the z axis. I edited it to 500 ipm. Going faster but still very slow. So deciding to make a fancy door for the paint room will take all day.


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        Hehehe... yeah, I hate wood grain!
        I had a customer who wanted some signs with wood grain background for restrooms and kitchens, etc. at a local golf resort.
        I designed the signs and did a test cut on one of them... it looks cool but was very slow.
        When I sent them my estimate it included about 3hrs for machining time so between that and the HDU material, painting, and my design time it was about $750 for 3 signs!
        They said "never mind, we'll buy some signs from Amazon".
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          I'd suggest searching here for "checkered texture" and read a few posts. There is a variety of topics there that might be something you'd like to explore more someday. TR has some great posts.
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