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Need help diagnosing a "No Signal Detected" error

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  • Need help diagnosing a "No Signal Detected" error

    Hi All,

    My Cobra has been sitting idle for sometime. Yesterday I went to fire it up again. On the console, I turned the switch to ON. The monitor fired up, after a few seconds it switched to an error message "No Signal Detected", and then the monitor shut down (went black). The router however did fire up which leads me to believe it's a computer issue but unfortunately, I have no idea how to start diagnosing this. Any suggestions?

    Cobra Elite 408, ATC, 5 hp spindle, vacuum table, 4th axis, Fusion 360
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    first thing I'd do. Try disconnect reconnect the cables from machine to computer and computer to monitor. Make sure they are all plugged in well.
    Eddie Kitson
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      The pc will work with the machine unplugged from it, so start there and get the pc running. Sometimes pulling and re-installing ram will work.
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        Thanks Eddie and Ken. I contacted support and they thought it was something called the CMOS battery. They gave me a manual way to start the PC but it didn't work. All the cables seemed to be properly connected. I'm going to see what they say before I start disassembling it further.
        Cobra Elite 408, ATC, 5 hp spindle, vacuum table, 4th axis, Fusion 360


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          Check cables to monitor, thats usually the issue.


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            turn on the monitor then turn on the computer. You should get the windows start up screen if not the it is either that cable or bad video card


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              Reporting back. It turns out the original issue was the CMOS battery in the computer had run out of juice. Kudos to support on identifying that right off. My bigger issues happened after. First, my spam filter kicked in and decided Camaster Support wasn't legit so our communication was stopped for a while. Having not heard back from them, I took the computer into a computer repair shop. The shop confirmed the computer was working and the CMOS battery was dead. So far so good. There's also a switch on the back of the computer that toggles from 115v to 230v. It was set to 230v and the tech needed to switch it to 115v to power up the computer. Neither of us was sure why it was set to 230v since my machine is single phase and runs off 110v. Long and short of it, we left it on 115v which immediately blew the power supply once I hooked it back up and powered up the machine.

              At this point I had figured out my spam issue and was back in contact with support who informed me that the machine, regardless of power source, sends 220 to the computer. I now have a more modern power supply which automatically switches based on incoming power.

              - "No Signal Detected" probably means the computer isn't booting up. If you can't manually boot it, then it may mean your CMOS battery is dead.
              - If you have a switch on the computer that's set to 230v, it means the router is sending 220v to it, and you should not change it.
              - If you blow the power supply on your computer, check the PC fuses in the router, they are probably blown as well.
              Cobra Elite 408, ATC, 5 hp spindle, vacuum table, 4th axis, Fusion 360