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Consistent ovals and rounded corners on transition from X axis to Y axis - CR-510 ATC

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  • Consistent ovals and rounded corners on transition from X axis to Y axis - CR-510 ATC


    We have purchased a second hand CR-510 ATC and we're having some initial cut issues. Looking for some help as Camaster by phone didnt have any revelations to offer.

    - When we cut a circle, they always come out as ovals and the long dimension of the oval is always "southeast" to "northwest" on the bed.

    - When we cut a square, we are getting the correct dimension; however, the corners where the machine transitions from x to y axis are not sharp corners. Transition from y to x is sharp and square.

    I believe the gantry is square because if I cut a square using lines (like a hashtag) the square is perfectly to dimension and square, the issue arises when I cut a square as a single path.

    If I reverse the cut direction, the problem remains and stays in the corners where the machine transitions from x to y.

    We cannot find any slop in the machine to tighten up and are using Vcarve pro, Camaster ToolChange INCH post processor and wincnc to run the machine.
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    Has to have slop. Depending on year if it has belt drive transmissions, you should take them fully apart and evaluate. Bad bearing, loose gear, loose belt, ect... You can send them in for rebuild if you wish.
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      Everything Ken said. See if you can wiggle the pinion gears. I’ve had issues with them being loose. And then any pulley gears.
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        In my personal experience, I have to agree with the others. "Something" has some "slop" as that's the only way one could get oval circles and non-square (not equal lengths between the x and y axis) squares. I had that issue on my Stinger II early on and came to find that the belt between the X axis stepper and the pinion gear was not tensioned enough and that provided just enough backlash to create the same inaccuracies you describe. Once I dealt with that, circles were round and squares were, um...square.
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          Could one of the drives be not off line


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            Thanks for the input. We did run down that there is some slop in the x axis and we're trying to figure out where to start on fixing this. It is a machine without belts. With the machine on and servos engaged, I can push on the plate holding the spindle and get some movement along the x axis. Not a ton, but definitely noticeable with a second set of eyes. When we watch it, it appears the pinion gear rotates slightly when we push on the on the plate. it would seem that the shaft connecting to the servo is rotating slightly, or rather is not stable and fixed when the machine is powered on and stationary. There isn't a set screw on the pinion gear that we can see without pulling the servo, the only thing we can see is the tip of a keyslot on the shaft that connects to the gear. Any thoughts on where we should start looking to get this slop out of there?


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              You are going to have to pull it apart to find the issue.
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                You may need to adjust the spring tension that engages the pinion to the rack gear. I have a procedure that I will post later today.
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                  We have torn the machine apart and cannot find a source of backlash on the x axis and are still having the issue. Camaster support has been less than helpful on diagnosing the issue.

                  Gear mesh looks good on the x axis rack and pinion
                  We pulled the servo and planetary gear box and could not find anything that would suggest where the backlash is coming from
                  With servos engaged, we can push on the spindle and the x axis will shift 1/8" - 1/4" then return to its original position when we stop pushing on it

                  Does anybody have any suggestions on where we should look or any procedures we should take to resolve this issue? We're pretty well out of ideas on our end.


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                    Does the motor return it, like it is going back to where it needs to be? How much effort is required to push it?

                    If you can swap the x motor and gearbox for one of the Y's I would try that. Possibly a bad motor or drive? Switching a few parts around would verify if they will interchange.
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                      The motor does return it back to where it started. You've got to lean into it pretty good, but it moves significantly more than the Y axis with the same force applied. They Y barely budges if it moves at all - pretty hard to tell as minimal as it is.

                      We'll look at swapping a Y motor for the X and see what that does for us. Thanks.


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                        Does the gear have a grub screw under the one you see. I have seen where they use 2 on some gears and the bottom one is not tight. Also chec if that servo is powered up


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                          I would lean more towards driver than motor, but you have parts you can swap out to narrow it down. Depending on the drivers, you might can get into the programming on them.
                          Fixing machines and making sawdust.
                          SW side of Houston kenrychlik (at) gmail