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    Unfortunately Spraying/Varnishing is a long process. The spraying itself can be quick, but the drying needs to happen properly, and that takes time. Then the varnish needs to be a high gloss varnish, then its just a few coats with de-nibbing between coats. In terms of the solar setup, that is purely to save on electricity costs, it can also be heated with electrical heaters. The tunnel only speeds up the drying time. We also use a catalyst to speed up the drying time, but each coat still takes an hour to dry.
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      Thank you for sharing so much info Tristan. Hope life and work are going well for you over there!
      Ron Lee
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        the cobra elite CR-408 ATC

        How can i increase or reduce the speed of the machine while running a program using the wincnc controller


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          You can use the feedrate adjustment slider (next to the axis DRO's) or the [INS] key to increase feeds and the [DEL] key to decrease them. Pressing [CTRL] + [INS] or [DEL] sets back to 100% of programmed feedrate
          Gary Campbell
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