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  • Cobra Elite in Action

    In this video from last year, we are cutting out custom a/c returns that go throughout a 3 story home for an architecture client on the coast. There were 11 air returns of various sizes in this home. The original design template was given by the architect but developed in Aspire by Michael Mezalick for our company to meet the numerous specifications of a demanding client. Very little of our 3D milling, lid toolpaths (at minimum recommendations for increasing efficiency) and ALL of our specialty work Michael has touched in some form or fashion or in its entirety. While we obviously tweak to our needs, I can not speak highly enough of his design qualifications, his contributions to our efficiencies, & his willingness to assist in any reasonable manner possible. "Mr. Mezalick"......we may have drastically different accents but you have been indispensable in our growth. Crossing paths with you and having the foresight to hire you to do what you exceled at allowed us to concentrate and excel at what we do.

    The attached picture was another piece Michael designed for us for this same client. It was later painted and went over the recessed dressing area for the wife. If you look closely, you will see this is actually 3 intricate pieces he has designed according to the architects requests.
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    Ron Lee
    Blackshear, Ga

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    Aspire 9.5

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    Hello Ron,
    Nice work! My question is how is the beading done? Was it routed in place or a separate piece? It looks routed in place. If so what bit would you use for that?
    Thank you,
    Dennis Letendre Dennis_IN_Shop.jpg
    Letendre Custom Woodworks, Inc.
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      Get a .25r beading bit and use a profile toolpath !
      James McGrew
      CAMaster ATC 508
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        Thank you Jim! Hope all is well with YA'LL!
        Dennis Letendre