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Another Dust pickup!

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  • Another Dust pickup!

    My used Cobra CR-508 came stripped of its dust pickup. After looking at tons of designs I decided to go with a fixed height pickup and not burden the Z axis with any additional mass to move.

    I started with mounting a 1" T-slot to the X carriage.


    I wanted to use two 4" hoses to the pickup but it got too complicated so I went with one 4" DWV pipe. Time will tell if I need a second.
    I made a bracket out of 1/2" micarta. The top ring allows the pipe to slip and the bottom ring is split with a threaded knob to tighten the pipe to adjust the height.
    The bracket is mounted to the t-slot with t-nuts and is also adjustable.


    I made a dust boot that mounts to the bottom of the 4" DWV pipe.


    The bottom half is magnetically attached to the top with 3" brush.
    The spindle retracts high enough to do bit changes. The brush is removable if needed to do a Z touch off.
    When not needed it swings completely out of the way.


    Just another version of a dust pickup if anyone is interested.
    I had to build this before I surface the table.

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    I would use a cam style closer to facilitate opening and closing rather than a knob. FWIW.
    Keith Hyde, Winchester, VA
    2016 Stinger 1, 1.7KW HF Spindle HSD
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      Originally posted by keithrhyde View Post
      I would use a cam style closer to facilitate opening and closing rather than a knob. FWIW.
      This was in the drawer. It takes two turns!


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        I like the concept. I wish someone would make a dust boot that was also a pressure foot, that moved up and down on pneumatic cylinders.
        Russell Crawford
        Cobra 408 ATC with recoil
        Alberta, Canada