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New table and chairs

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  • New table and chairs

    Just thought I would share a table I built with the Stinger1,
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    Wow...nice job!
    Jim Becker

    SR-44 (2018), 1.7kw spindle, Performance Premium, USB, Keypad, T-Slot table (y-axis configuration), WinCNC, VCarve Pro upgraded to Aspire

    Non CNC stuff...

    Festool "a good collection"
    Stubby - lathe
    Oneida Cyclone

    Retired from full time work in the telecom industry 9/2017
    Occasional commission work for others, but mostly for trunks/signage/guitars
    Located Bucks County PA


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      That is some beautiful work…well done!
      Joe Garber
      Retired, Hobbyist
      Stinger 1 SR24
      Laser Pointer
      HSD 1.7kw Spindle
      Indexing Lathe
      WinCNC, Aspire 10.5, PhotoCarve
      Storm Vacuum

      How to count to 10 in Windows:


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        Looks like there is a lot of really good work in this project. Thanks for sharing.
        Charlie L
        Stinger II, 48 by 48, 1.7 kW Spindle, FTC + Laser + Recoil + Vacuum, July 2012
        WinCNC 2.5.03, Aspire, PhotoVCarve, Windows 7 Pro SP1


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          Chairs are very challenging, but fun.
          the Stinger is a very nice machine!!! Perfect for the things I what to make


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            Dang, you set the bar pretty high for us, beautiful work all around!
            Panther PT-404 (aluminum)
            6 position ATC w/5hpHSD, Aspire 11/WinCNC, Recoil, Laser, Hurricane
            near bottom of the learning curve!!


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              Stunning work, kudos to you. Is this your own design including inlays etc. How long did it take you. Is that walnut and maple? Did you create all the files for the cnc yourself and did you use Vectric? Inquiring minds would like to know. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
              Keith Hyde, Winchester, VA
              2016 Stinger 1, 1.7KW HF Spindle HSD
              Performance Package Pro, Vac, lathe, Aspire 10
              Former Marine and retired Seabee Master Chief.
              Furniture is my hobby not my vocation.


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                That's awesome beautiful work.
                SR44 StingerII
                3.5hp Milwaukee router
                ftc option
                laser pointer
                t slot bed
                Vectric 10.5


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                  Thank you all for the high praise, I am still a rookie been doing woodworking for little over a year and love it.
                  I did design it all myself, been in steel fabrication for over 40 years and use cad software everyday so design and programming came easy to to me.
                  will be retiring in a year from now and that why I got in to woodworking for a hobby.
                  as far as the wood goes it was cherry and maple and used vectric to program


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                    Also used Perfect Vcarve Inlays Every time from YouTube