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    I opted for popup pins over cross-hair lasers (Camaster said both weren't needed) but I'm working on some parts that are too small for the pins and need to be aligned inside the material edge.


    Without a laser crosshair, how do you typically align small parts or alignments where you need to align with something, not at the wood edge? It seems like the only option is to use a V bit in lieu of a crosshair.

    If there is not a better solution, does anyone know if laser crosshairs can be retrofit?

    Panther ATC w/ Lathe & Vac
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    The laser crosshair is very handy - I use mine on every job but yes, you can use a V-bit also.
    I'm not sure about adding it after the sale so maybe someone else can chime in or you can try to contact support.
    Good luck.
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      get bore sight laser, then can put in the spindal collet.... cheap and easy....
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        I have not used my laser in a good 9years plus, My bits are set to xy lower left then commanded to GO TO x and y as needed then save position in home positions and set as z xy zero in that extra position. when finished goto home positions select standard xy goto then set xy as req
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          Thanks for the answers, the v-bit method made it simple enough.
          Panther ATC w/ Lathe & Vac


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            I do use the laser, but if I need to be "uber exact", I use a vee bit for sure to get that x-y zero point. While most of my work has that in the middle of the job, this also works if I need lower, left corner, too.
            Jim Becker

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              if you lower the v-bit .005 below the table, then drag it in the direction you want to reference, you willl get a nice reference line on your spoilboard, which will be exactly parallel with that axis direction of travel (not so with an x-laser).
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