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Aluminum cutting questions

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  • Aluminum cutting questions

    Question for those cutting aluminum. I have just begun on this machine. I have a Stinger 1 with the 1.7kw spindle. I'm using bits from Amana in their Industrial line that two flute and made for aluminum. I also have the mister option.

    I'm satisfied with the quality of cuts so far and I question the speeds and feeds recommended by Amana. They seem pretty aggressive to me based on my experiences 30 years ago on a milling machine. I was using the 1/4" end mill. They recommend the usual 18,000 rpm (they seem to say the same RPM for every bit they sell) and 70-150 IPM feed at a chip load of .002 - .004 That's really hauling ass IMO, so I went with the slow part of the range and chose 40 for the plunge. Depth of cut was .055 and a finish pass at .005. The cut is pretty rough.

    What do you guys use for speeds and feeds? I questions about the mister, but those are software related, so I guess I should start a new thread?
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    What thickness aluminum are you cutting?


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      14k rpm @ 75ipm. Passes at .09" each and the final pass at .02" with .0175 tabs (if you need to tab it). 1/4" single flute O-flute. Go twice as fast with a 2 flute bit.
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        Originally posted by cnbridge View Post
        What thickness aluminum are you cutting?
        This particular job was 1" thick, but I only cut into it .065. The up coming job will be 1/4" thick and I need to go all the way through.