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    Ground the round points down to flats to provide a scraper edge. Works pretty good but not perfect. Definitely quicker than what we were doing. Very quick crude mock up... still want the laser cut comb that cnbridge cut. PXL_20221205_145451038_2.jpg PXL_20221205_145435769_2.jpg
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      I would also like to order one from Cnbridge if he decides to make them for sale.
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        I wouldn't mind cutting a few extra, but it still needs some work. I'm also not sure if this would be universal to other machines. They would all have to be the same. This one just doesn't quite mate up properly. I made this with some quick rough measurements. I need a technical drawing for the rack to make it work properly. Until I have the time to try and get the proper measurements, this project will have to be shelved. Someone also asked, I have a laser to cut these. This was cut from 22-24g stainless.


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          I may try it in a thin phenolic and sand one side to a angle to get all the way back to frame. good work !! on yours
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