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  • Spoil board

    New to the cnc just got my stinger 2 sr44 do I need to add an additional spoil board or just use the factory to start with thanks scott
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    Need spoil board. Do not cut up plenum top
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      Thanks i will screw on on top.
      Mine has a mdf top. I did not add vacuum yet


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        The machine table needs to stay stable. Some of us that glue down our spilboards did flatten and clean the paint off the machine bed, but you should otherwise never cut into the machine bed. If you are screwing down your spoilboard, you need to use non-metalic fasteners, such as nylon bolts and obviously, countersink them so they are well below the surface. The spoilboard is a "disposable" and you will be machining off the top little by little over time after your initial flattening.
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          Thanks I will get materials ordered to glue down


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            Get the Trupan Ultralight MDF if you can find it. If not, the medium density stuff works fine too.
            Gluing the spoilboard down is fine but don't go crazy with the glue - especially if you have a vacuum system.
            Don't forget to seal the edges of your spoilboard before you put it down. I roll on two thick coats of plain old wood glue.
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