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Misalignment on Y axis

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  • Misalignment on Y axis

    Hi Guys, I have had my Panther for almost a year now and so far I am extremely pleased. I have a PT-510ATC 5HP HSD Spindle. About 2 or 3 weeks ago I had my sheet set for cutting and decided to add a piece at the end of the y axis to increase hold from the vacuum. Unfortunately I dint not check my boundaries and when the gantry moved to make the cut it hit the piece of wood and got stuck. I turned the machine off and restarted it. Did the initialization process and went on with the cut. That same day I had an error on the Y- Axis Servo. after that have not had any mishaps. That was until I was checking a piece 37"x95" to make sure it was square and to my surprise it was off by 1/16" of an inch when measured diagonally from corner to corner. Does anyone know to to correct this? is the a setting screw on the gearbox of the gantry that can readjust the alignment?
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    Under g28 settings in the ini file. There is an alt Y move. Tech support can calculate what to change it to, but changing that line will change the squaring when you initialize. You have to close and restart wincnc after making any change.
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