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Help with my CAMaster Panther!

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  • Help with my CAMaster Panther!

    Hello all, first off I love this forum and the help and inspiration it brings to others it is truly a great tool and I am hoping it can help me out here. I have a big church project and need my machine for 80% of the project but all of a sudden it seems my cnc decided to start acting funny. At random times during a cut it will just stop and the error message it gives is "servos not enabled" I thought my shop was underpowered maybe but I literally shut my entire house down to wherer I was maybe using 30 amps at best and my shop had full power and it still happened. I thought maybe it was sometime that was occurring due to EMI so I bought a ferrite filter to go on the power cable. (It isnt here yet but will be saturday) But now as I have troubleshooted it further I think it has something to do with the little black box that controls the z servo on the circuit board? Also, it sometimes makes me reinitialize like 3 times. I will turn it on initialize then move it then reset xy for a new part and it makes me reinitialize again. I have attached two pictures. One when everything is good and ready to cut and one how it looks after the servos trip. The top (of the 4) little black box w the red led is what is clicking on and off at times and seems like what is the problem or in line w the problem. Please help guys

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    I saw a post on here where one of those little black boxes went bad and tech support had him rewire to one of the free boxes below...anybody know anything about this?


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      Sounds like it may be a loose wiring connection. I would check the wiring on the control board, cable connections as well.
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