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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm coming to the forum on a whim, to hopefully get an answer quickly. I have an electrician coming tomorrow(Sunday, March 12th) to complete quite a bit of electrical work, as well as hook up my new Panther.
    I've just found a discrepancy in the required numbers.

    Every single document I've seen before, and every discussion I had with the sales team reflected that the 5hp ATC spindle Panther needed a 40a 240v circuit. I even had a discussion with the sales team regarding the machine's FLA rating, and was told the FLA rating was 30 amps, which correlates to a 40a fuse.

    HOWEVER, the machine arrived a paper that says the machine needs a 60a circuit:

    Here's the prep guide: - This is the one linked on the sales page, and reflects a 40a circuit.
    I also had a somewhat lengthy exchange with the sales staff regarding FLA of the machine, where I was told that the FLA is 75% of the 40a circuit requirement. In fact part of my purchase of this Panther was because it was a 40a circuit, and I probably would not have purchased it with a 60a circuit as that will likely require me to upgrade my electrical service from the street.

    The sheet the machine came with appears to include several spindle options that aren't within the document for optioning the machine, so maybe that shows its out of date?

    Hopefully I can solve this discrepancy by tomorrow when the electrician arrives, as putting the wrong fused circuit for the machine will either not trip when it should, or trip when it shouldn't. And if its in fact a 60a despite what I was told by the sales team, and what is included in the "prep guide", then this becomes a very big nightmare and much more expensive.

    EDIT: I've heard back in an email from Cody that the machine is 40a.
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    That piece of paper looks dated. They constantly update the prep guides and post them. 'Glad Cody got back to you and things are good.
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