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Aborted - Reset E-Stop alarm will not clear - Solid Orange light on all Servos

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  • Aborted - Reset E-Stop alarm will not clear - Solid Orange light on all Servos

    Hello Folks,

    I have a 2017 Camaster Panther FTC, and the following happened:

    Initialize/Warmup - Worked fine
    Touch Top - Worked fine
    Moved gantry to the back of the machine to place material - Worked fine
    Removed masking from sheet of plastic (I mention this because static can cause issues)
    Loaded file to start cutting and pushed enter - gantry on left side moved back, gantry on right side moved forward (or stayed still) and servos tripped. Received servos tripped message in WinCNC.
    Turned off machine, turned on again, and tried to initialize. I now get the "Aborted - Reset E-Stop" alarm.

    Things I have tried multiple times - reset the estop wires, reset the estop switch multiple times, reset the ribbon cable from PC to CNC, including blowing out dust. Blow out dust from the CNC control panel.

    Servos are stuck with a solid orange light, and the error of "Aborted - Reset E-Stop" keeps coming up when I try to Warmup or Initialize.

    Any suggestions on how to reset the servos? Did something break or do I need to wait until Monday?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    JG Custom Craftworks
    Instagram: JG.CustomCraftworks

    Panther 4x8 w/ Recoil
    3KW Spindle
    Hurricane VAC
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    Did you flip a breaker for one of your servo drives? Check all the breakers.
    Russell Crawford
    Cobra 408 ATC with recoil
    Alberta, Canada