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Panther ATC - Tool Measuring Touch Plate Not Working

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  • Panther ATC - Tool Measuring Touch Plate Not Working

    Hey everyone, my name is Roy. I have a Panther ATC with the tool measuring touch plate. It is currently not working; I always pull up my input window and test it by hand to make sure it works before measuring tools to avoid crashing into it and this time the green light for the touch switch will not light up. I've opened up the switch to ensure everything is working normally inside, checked the plug and switch with a meter to ensure the switch is working. Unplugged both wires from the computer CN 1 & CN 2 to make sure there was no dust causing issues and there is no dust in the control box. Im stuck and not sure where to look or check next. Thank you in advance for your help!
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    I assume you mean the FTC switch and not the touch plate. I've had inputs die before - probably due to static. If you open up the control box and tie something around the door switch you can have the machine on while you debug. The board has LEDs for the inputs as well. If the input doesn't light up or turn off, the problem is on the board. You can switch the wires to another input. They're normally setup as 24V common. If the LED can be turned on and off in the new position, you can modify wincnc.ini to use the P*B* input for the channel used for the FTC.
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