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Wife got a vinyl/fabric cutter

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  • Wife got a vinyl/fabric cutter

    So the wife does quilting and needed a fabric cutter. Low and behold the cutter also does vinyl, so while she was gone here's what I did. I used vcarve pro and exported my lettering as a SVG file, this was way to easy. Instant gratification is always good since it took a total of about 15 minutes to do (as opposed to my 4 day epoxy pours).
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    Bob Walters
    Lebanon, Ohio

    2016 Stinger II SR-44
    3.0 kW Spindle
    Vectric VCarve Pro 10.xx
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    Looks much easy than a 4 day epoxy on gantry!!


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      It looks great. What did she buy, what does it do?
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        Originally posted by KickIt View Post
        It looks great. What did she buy, what does it do?
        It’s a Brother Scan and Cut 2, just a little hobby machine. She uses it to cut designs in fabric for quilts. It’s a neat little machine. Sooo the crazy in me is now looking for a big machine for me now. The Graphtec CE6000 Plus looks pretty awesome and not to terribly priced.
        Bob Walters
        Lebanon, Ohio

        2016 Stinger II SR-44
        3.0 kW Spindle
        Vectric VCarve Pro 10.xx


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          Gee, thanks, Bob.....the wife saw this and now guess what she wants for her sewing/quilting room!
          Joe Garber
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            That's cool!
            I have been using the Cricut Expressions machines and Sure Cuts Alot 2 Software for years. It makes cutting vinyl and other materials used for lettering, stencils and masking's a breeze!
            I never thought about using the Vectric software to create svg files, that's Awesome.
            Thanks Mrs. Walters
            (and you Bob)
            Ron & Tammy Schulz
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              Been wanting a small one for a while, thanks for the encouragement, as well to all when photoing work or machine we always made sure the logo on the gantrys were in the photo. made the best advertising to all !
              James McGrew
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                Well, there's been an update. I now own a Graphtec CE6000 plus vinyl cutter. It does the job way faster and even easier when using the Vcarve program. I'm going to experiment with using the Camaster with the vinyl cutter after the holidays. Thinking of easy "bar top" type of table with a clear epoxy over the vinyl to see what it looks like compared to my full epoxy inlay. Would save me several days if it looks as good (the satisfaction wouldn't be there unfortunately that I get with the epoxy).
                Bob Walters
                Lebanon, Ohio

                2016 Stinger II SR-44
                3.0 kW Spindle
                Vectric VCarve Pro 10.xx



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                  Go all the way and buy one of the 3d vinyl printer/cutters! Those are pricey, but sweet!
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                    Congrats Bob. I've been looking at one of those for a while, never pulled the trigger as I've been swamped with other stuff. Is it pretty easy to setup and run and does it appear well built? Where did you order it from? Us cutter?
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                      We make bar tables for a few people around here and use a Cricket to cut the vinyl letters and epoxy over them.
                      Works great and fast.
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