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  • Powered tailstock

    I need holding power at my tailstock. I’m want to remove my factory tailstock and install another headstock with chuck and stepper motor. My problem is with the wiring. I’m sure it’s not as simple as splicing into the my current lathes stepper motor wires and running them to the second motor. I’m assuming there is some sort of power supply to the steppers that I need to make sure is big enough.

    Has anyone attempted this? Is it possible?
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    The want for this powered tailstock was to try and correct a shift in the X axis that I didn’t know was happening at the time. The same X axis shift is still happening.


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      As far as your 1st question goes, you will want another headstock. You will need to add a second stepper drive and connect it's input signal wires to the existing. You will need to swap one pair of the second motors wires to reverse it's direction
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        Gary would the power supply handle 2 being connected?


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          Re read it. Ok I need another stepper drive. That’s the answer I was looking for. Thanks!