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Bad y axis stepper motor?

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  • Bad y axis stepper motor?

    I was machining a jig out of poplar with 1/16" passes when I noticed the machine clicking at regular intervals in sync with the y axis movement. I shut the machine down, then got under it to see if the noise was in sync with the rack and pinion gear. It was not, but it was exactly in sync with the motor gear.

    I took the motor off and rotated its shaft. It sticks on the same spot, very hard to turn, every rotation. I have some nema 34 motors on hand that are no where near as hard to turn, so I believe there is an issue with this motor.

    Anyone else have a similar experience or can offer a solution? I'll probably call and order another motor on monday.
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    You really need to give tech support a call. It might be something simple.
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      Make sure the set screw that holds the gear up onto the shaft is all the way in and the gear is engaged properly. I had a screw come loose and it made contact with the rail every rotation so it made a clicking noise.
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        Just as a follow up, support sent out a motor right after this and the machine has made a couple guitars since may.
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