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Employee Hit a button now soft limits are always on?

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  • Employee Hit a button now soft limits are always on?

    Greetings- I am looking for assistance with how this error could have happened. We currently use a stinger CNC at my work, and my operator said that he "accidently clicked a button" which I figured it was the soft limit button. I went out and it was selected I unselected it so the program would run. Now mind you, this same program has been ran hundreds and hundreds of times, so it is not in the code that is imported for each production run. So I reset the machine, and the safety system that we have to use, thinking maybe something just had a hiccup. Whatever he did, now turns on the soft limits every time a program starts to run, and when manually jogging the XYZ, everything but the Z axis will work with the soft limits on. I have scanned through WinManual with no luck, however easily could have missed it. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated! TIA
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    UPDATE- I re zeroed the Z axis using the touch top plate, everything is running perfect.


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      L20 turns on soft limits and L21 turns them off. This bit me once also.
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