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Stinger I Y axis problem

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    That's a good sign if it's tight. Have you cut any parts and measured that they come out as expected?
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      Originally posted by Guylaro View Post
      Could a stepper motor or something in the electronics cause this? Mechanically everything seems perfectly fine. -Guy
      Yes, Its looks perfectly fine. Can you share more detail.
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        Pay close attention to Gary Campbell's suggestions. He builds CNC machines and was the head of the production department at Camaster for quite some time. When Gary speaks, I listen.
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          I have a Stinger 1 and it is three years old and I just finished checking mine and no issues. I did find my laser is 1.76mm out on the Y axis which is an easy fix and nothing to do with your problem. Otherwise I am right on the money. I do have a vacuum phenolic table otherwise they are the same machines.

          I wanted to let you know that these machines are accurate to the mm. There are others on here you are much smarter than me with more experience. I don't have anything else to offer.

          You did force me to check which is good so thank you. I am sure support folks will figure it out just keep working with them. I know it is frustrating check this and that but troubleshooting over the phone is difficult as well. I have been on both ends. Stay with it.
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