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Air compressor for air assist

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  • Air compressor for air assist

    Would this work fine for the air assist?

    California Air Tools 2010A Ultra Quiet

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    Assuming you are talking about the spindle/router assist, yes that is more than enough. The assist uses very little air. It just needs to be pressurized to 30-40 psi depending on which spindle/router you are using.
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      Note that if you are using an ATC it will require more air, but still it isn't very much.
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        The regular counterbalance doesn't "use" air...just you can use something really tiny, honestly. In my temporary shop, I have my little, tiny portable compressor plugged into the line from my Stinger II so I can leave the big compressor "off" most of the time. (that keeps it from running as I have some minor leaks in the temporary network) As Logan mentioned, folks with an ATC will actually be using air, so the requirements are bigger for that application. For the former, an inexpensive, small portable unit from Harbor Freight would do the job instead of paying the money for the California unit unless you intend to use it for other applications, too.
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          I have the California Air Tools 1 gallon compressor for my air assist. Super quiet, only comes on maybe once per day. Nice little compressor.
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