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5 year old Stinger II starting to have X-axis issues

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  • 5 year old Stinger II starting to have X-axis issues

    Got a Stinger II for 5 trips around the Sun with zero issues. All of a sudden the X-axis is starting to act up. Sticking, losing home, making weird grinding noise once and a while when trying manually to move it. Could this be the stepper motor? Used it a great deal over the years. Anyone have a guess on stepper motor life?
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    Assuming you have already checked and cleaned the rack, check belt tension, etc..... yes it could be the stepper. I have an Stinger 2 built in 2015 and 2 years ago, 1 motor failed with the same symptoms. Easy way to check is to disconnect motor belt with power off. Turn motor pinion gear by hand and it should rotate easily (you do have to give it a good push to break free from the magnetic pull) while you feel the fine detents from the poles crossing the magnets (200 steps per revolution). If it hangs or rotates hard, the motor has gone bad. Mine did and you could feel it easily in the rotation. Fortunately Camaster had them in stock so I bought 2 to have a spare on hand. Good Luck.
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      Yep, tried all the maintenance stuff and made zero difference. Will try the belt trick. Thanks for the advice.