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Error - Syntax - Command or File not Found

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  • Error - Syntax - Command or File not Found

    Need a little Help, When creating a new Job in Aspire to cut a 2 dimensional job (As I have done for several Years Now) I saved the Job (Like Always) and suddenly I am getting the Error - Syntax - Command or File not Found when I try and open the Job in the WINCNC program.
    I am able to open all Jobs that I created previous to today, and they run like always. So what is the likely cause of this problem? I have changed nothing, replaced nothing on my computer or Router, it just literally popped up today for the first time.
    Anybody have a Fix or know what is causing this? (I Have a CAM MASTER Stinger II CNC)
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    Make sure correct pp is chosen, it is not recognizing the file
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    fixed 4-27-2020


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      You may also have a tool number that's out of range.
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        Okay....Feel little small.... found that a fellow worker had accidentally changed my PP. We have a dinosaur Single tool Stinger 2 and my coworker somehow selected the ATC PP so all good here now .....Chuckle....