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  • Calibrate ftc question

    I have been so busy that I haven’t had much time to work in my shop. So it’s been a while since I had a question.
    after you surface your spoilboard you need to calibrate the ftc to the new surface. I have done this, but when I turn off the computer it doesn’t save the new setting. It will work perfectly through multiple bit changes with zero issues, but when I turn the machine off and computer off for the day it reverts to the older spoilboard height.

    has anybody faced this? I’m sure it is something simple I’m missing, just haven’t dug into it deeply yet as it’s easier to just reset it in the morning and run with it.

    Thank you to all who help out on this forum. It is appreciated. Maybe someday I will be able to contribute instead of just asking questions.
    2012 Stinger II SR44
    3.0KW spindle
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    I'm wondering if you have a local Z. Make sure you don't have a green box by Z. g92.1z to clear it. I can't think otherwise of how this could be happening.
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      Please disreguard it was posted to wrong thread????

      I sent you a PM. Gary is correct you have a local Z zero set and that is coflicting with the vectric setup and throwing z+/- errors in WinCnc to let you know there is a problem. WinCnc is just begging you to use the FTC.
      Since I am local to you I can help you with this. WinCnc just blows Mach3 away once you learn it

      Chuck Andries aka sscooter
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      Chuck Andries aka sscooter
      SR44 w/servos, 1.7Kw spindle, Laser, Phenolic Top, Performance Pkg, Recoil, WinCNC Version 3.0 Aspire 11.5 and a couple of kegs of my Aspire Homebrew


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        Thanks for the advice. I am not sure as I have solved the issue, but haven’t had it happen again. I have been running projects daily that have required just single tooling and touch off the work surface. I tested the ftc and it worked as it was supposed to.

        note: I did change the battery on the motherboard lately, and wonder if that might have caused something?
        2012 Stinger II SR44
        3.0KW spindle