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Stinger 2 SR44 X zero position shifting...

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  • Stinger 2 SR44 X zero position shifting...

    I'm having issues once I change toolpaths and/or do a manual tool change. It's roughly shifting -.125" on the X axis. Doesn't seem to be shifting on the Y axis, and it's holding Z zero. This has happened on multiple different types of toolpaths the last 2 days. I use Vectric Aspire V11.5 and mainly do 3D toolpaths. First, it's done it on a profile toolpath changing from a different profile toolpath. Second, it was from a 3D rough cut to 3D finish cut. I went through all my tool settings, toolpath creation, and tried rerunning the 3D finish cut. This didn't remedy the situation.

    I will be putting a ticket in with support, but they're not open currently. Wondering if anyone has had this happen, and if they figured out a fix on their own.
    Craig Rathman

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    Sounds similar to my previous experience. It was changing as it cut. Check out my troubleshooting.
    In my case I bought a new computer and upgraded WinCNC from the WinCNC folks. Has been fine since.
    Charlie L
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      Could it be that the collar coupling inside your gearbox is loose or the setscrew on the pinion gear loose? Remove the round seal om the side of the gearbox and jog the machine slowly till you can see the head of the allen head bolt and tighten if needed. This is a clamping type of collar. I doubt that it is a computer issue, it is a fairly new machine.
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        Remember some of the pinion gears have 2 set screws one on top of the other