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    There is an approximate quarter inch low Z limit by default in the WinCNC configuration below the Z-zero which in this case would be the top of the material you are going to shave with the utility. That's to help protect the machine from a super deep plunge into the machine bed when the human running things screws up. :D When you lower the tool to the surface before starting the file running, it sets that as z-zero for the moment. No way to you want to be taking off that much... ;)
    Jim Becker

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      I think Mick's utility is great but I also think that a new Camaster machine owner should be able to surface their spoilboard by creating a simple pocketing toolpath in VCarve or Aspire.
      It's really the first thing you should figure out. The most difficult part might be remembering to change the raster angle to 90 degrees if your router table is longer in the Y direction than X.
      I like to take off .02" per pass. With my little Stinger 1 I use a small 1" diameter surfacing bit and I like to run the bit off the ends of the spoil board by 3/4" inch so it doesn't cause any burn marks when making the turns.
      Just my $0.02
      2021 Stinger I SR-24, 1kW Spindle
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        Thank you for the information.