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  • PLEASE HELP | CAMaster Cobra Elite

    We’ve tried everything we can to get this CAMaster Cobra Elite working properly but no matter what we do the spindle will not turn..

    has anyone experienced this?
    it will respond to user commands in winCNC but the spindle does not seem to be getting power to turn..

    any help would be appreciated, new to using CNC
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    If this is a new machine, your first thing to do is to call Camaster technical support. If it's a used machine, folks here may be able to help, too, but getting support from Camaster is also something you can pursue. Of course, it would be really, really helpful to know more about the specific Cobra Elite...size, age, configuration/features, etc., so people can help you think things through.
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      if new cnc wait till monday and talk to the techs. my new cnc would not power up. turned the breakers on in control box and was off and running.
      panther 508 on order


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        Are you getting power to the VFD? Circuit breaker tripped or blown fuse? Power connector on the spindle tight? Control signal connectors Tight? Are there any lights on the VFD indicating power is on and any error or fault codes?
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