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    Beyond "flat" cutting, I have not done anything beyond that on my CNC... I am looking at a project (for a friend) that requires contouring guitar bodies and more complex cutting, which is something I have no experience with. I currently use VCarve... Can anyone suggest the most efficient method of "learning' to move into this type of cutting? Do I need to move up to Aspire in order to this type of work?
    I am not blind bidding any work, just want to expand my area of knowledge and work. I've youtube'd lots of videos, etc.. but can't say that I've learned much from them on this type of work.

    Thank you for your time and respones.
    Kind Regards,
    Bruce Jeansonne
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    You can buy and download 3D projects from the Vectric V&CO site and use VCarve to build tool paths. I've done quite a few fun 3d projects like this but you'll need Aspire to design in 3d yourself.
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      From a guitar perspective, even though I have and use Aspire, I generally use the molding tool path as much as I can for contouring because it's faster and simpler. But you can cut 3D models no problem with VCP and there are files readily available that you can import to work with more complexe contouring if you are duplicating existing guitar designs. Same for necks, you can obtain files. What you can't do with VCP is modify the models to any great extent nor can you create them from scratch. You can use other software to do the 3D modeling or upgrade to Aspire. In either case, there is certainly a learning curve for sure!

      If you are not already a member, the TDPRI forum is a good resource for guitar building, specifically the "Tele Home Depot" discussion area. It's not T-type specific, either. While most folks don't do the CNC thing, there are a number of us that do.
      Jim Becker

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        I use two monitors so I can watch the video I am learning from and follow along in Aspire on the other. I learn better by doing and this way if I miss something I can back the video up and watch again. I tried split screen but it was to small for me. Larger the monitor the better and I use two 32 inchers now. There is no shortcut to learning and becoming good it is still practice, practice and more practice.
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          Meee too !!!
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            Same here! IMG_0830.jpg
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              On YouTube search for VCarve Guitar for some inspiration.
              - Randall Newcomb
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                Thanks all for the replies...

                I have the files already as needed, all lines embedded, etc... I just have to figure out the tool paths to use, etc....

                I'll keep on the youtube watching and experimenting...

                Kind Regards,
                Bruce Jeansonne
                CAMaster Panther 508
                Laser Engraver
                Hurricane Vacuum
                WinCNC and VCarve Pro