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When is Air Assist needed?

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  • When is Air Assist needed?

    I have a Milwaukee router on my SR48.

    If needed for it, what should the pressure be set at?
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    I don't believe the router models have air assist but I could be wrong. If they do the air assist for SR48s is set to 90 psi.

    Machines equipped with Counter Balance (air assist) require 90 PSI static pressure. Connection is made by using ¼” male ARO type quick-connect hose coupler.
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      On my SR48 with 1.7 kW spindle the regulator on the machine is set to about 45 PSIG. I use it all the time. So, my air compressor supply is a little over that number. It doesn't really use much air, mostly just leaks out.
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        There should be a pressure regulator that came with the machine and mounted to the frame. On the regulator face there should be a green arc for the operating range. At least mine has one.
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          Thanks but apparently I'm mistaken.Someone on another forum just pointed out that I have steppers, not servos and likely do not have air assist. I'll look when I get home.

          Update: I checked and while I do have steppers the air assist cylinder and regulator are there as well so the previous owner must have planned to upgrade it to the spindle and/or servos.
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            The pneumatic assist/counterbalance for the Z axis is usually there for a spindle equipped machine to take load off the steppers/servos from the weight of the spindle. It's a fixed pressure...mine is 45 psi...and it does not "use" air so a very small compressor is all that is needed.
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