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CNC Z-Axis Angle Question

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  • CNC Z-Axis Angle Question

    All, I'm trying to get 150 of these wooden pucks cut out and they're very specific on what they need. They want the top to be 2.125" and the bottom to be 2.250" out of 1/2" Pine. That equates to a 82.9° angle. Anyone know of an easy way to cut this profile without doing a 3D pass and taking forever? I've tried a chamfer pass but can't seem to make that work, probably just a lack of knowledge!!

    Puck Dimensioned.JPG
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    Cut upside down so and is not negative, you could try a spiral flute
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      I was thinking about my 46282 and giving it a go but it's 5.4°. You're 100% correct that I was going to cut it upside down, just copied my drawing. :) Is there a way to cut these exact and maintain the exact relationship 2.25" to 2.125" with the exception of a 3D tool pass?

      Think I'll do a test run with a 46288-K bit as it's 7°. Hopefully that'll get them close enough!
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        I’d try your idea. Seems as close as you could expect to get.
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          Thanks guys!


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            Maybe use a tapered endmill?
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              I'm new here, so I may be off base, but what about a moulding toolpath in VCarve? The visualization of my experiment looks right and the projected time is about 1 minute running slowly.


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                Custom router bit made to that degree.
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                  Not suggesting this is the tooling you want, but I think an adjustable tool may also be a solution.



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                    If I were doing this, I'd use a 15 degree V-bit with a flat bottom for strength (gives you 82.5 degree sides). I'd plane the wood slightly thicker than needed (about .01") and make the profile cuts so they leave a 0.01" onionskin. Then take the wood to a thickness sander and run it through upside down and all the pucks will release from the board.
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                      So the final solution that worked like a champ.. I used a 46288-K, 7° bit. Thanks all for the advice!! Was helpful!