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Buying a CNC? Do Your Homework!!

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    This forum is legit. The guys on here do care and we want the best for each other. With additions to our family like Gary, CAMaster shows that we are ready to keep pushing the market.

    There is so much out there the best way is just to prove yourself. This is our secret "magic" we care. We put more in our machine than any another in the same price range. We build the best machine for the money period. And we take care of our customers.
    Joey Jarrard

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      To Whom it may concern,

      Every breathing effort in this forum on my part from September of 08, Right after the Magical IWF show where we had the best time, The Economy was falling apart and we all proceeded as if we could Change the world (five crazy guys with some fun ideas whom I call some of my best friends to this day), Is a result of my CNC Search before I met them and the literally VOODOO Language that CNC companies were selling at the time, Yes there was one Machine Company with a forum and a doggone good bunch of fellows But I wanted more in my Machine and I wanted More in The Company I would do Business with. I also wanted to Insure that NO-ONE Ever have to go though some of the OLD Age BS that some made serious efforts in wanting Me to accept the status Quo.. I had Sworn I would never need a CNC after meeting commercial sales reps and wanting to Puke when I saw their Efforts to achieve a sale without any concern as to how this effected the end user after the sale. Yes for many Months Joey Josh And I were CAMheads, I used to look for older owners and new guys and Shame them in to becoming members, I thank Paul Stepflug, Joesph Brucolli, Eric Mimms, Mick Martin and Everyone that followed for stickin and stayin.

      A lot of my efforts were tested and One fellow who taught us All that we could Bring literally anyone who wanted to into the world Of CNC was Bob James, Bob saw an Ad Jumped in feet first then we found not only did we have to bring him to CNC But to a Massive upgrade in his use of Digital Technology. He taught Me As much if not more about Overcoming adversity than any of the best of them, Bob was an Original Camhead and that Ole Redneck wore that Moniker with Pride !! I miss him dearly.

      To those of you Who call or email us and ask for help.. If we help post it, if we screw up post it, this one of our biggest motivations, Someone once made the Comment "When We elevate others, We elevate ourselves" this made sense to me.

      So the BIGGEST reason I want ALL to POST is this.. there is a guy sitting in a garage on a Saturday night, his wife is giving him some serious looks with what is to some one of the largest single Cost he may have done in a long time or even the first time, he is sitting there alone frustrated and things just aint working out as easy as he saw in those Photos.. this is the Guy we need to help feel comfortable in reaching out and letting us Know what he Needs. He is the Guy we are here for.. I was one of those. there was no way I could have done this without Joey and How freely Him, Paul, Bill, Josh, Frank, Gary,(whom I have known long before he came to Camaster) Luke ( Who has been a good Guinea Pig and study, LOL) and all the others at CAMaster. to you Guys I say

      Thank you !!
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      James McGrew
      CAMaster ATC 508
      The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

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        I wanted to add an additional item to this thread.

        A friend to many of us, Keith Outten, of Sawmill Creek Woodworkers fame, has posted this very to the point statement about CNC purchase:

        "NEVER purchase a CNC Router with price as a primary concern.
        Find a machine that fits your needs and then save your money until you can purchase that machine." (Keith Outten)

        What Keith says is very true and SHOULD be applied to virtually any equipment purchase. Tools and equipment are an investment, and as such have an expected return. That return, over time drives the amount of the investment. That investment, divided by years determines the annual budget. You need to determine if the gain in production will offset the annual costs.

        "Budget" is a verb. It only becomes a noun after all the calculations are done and is approved by all parties.

        If your purchase is not for business, and there is not an expected return on investment, then it is a toy, not a tool. If it is a toy, then use the price of items to determine your "need". But do not make the error of using the word "budget" when you mean "price". The "amount you have" or "the amount you wish to spend" are just that, not a budget.
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        Gary Campbell
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        "There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary logic, and those who don't"


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          What a great read. A lot of thought and follow-thru was put in this thread.
          A must read for all, not just the greenhorns, but for all.


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            Insight to the world of CNC

            I just found your thread surfing the net. I'm researching the idea of owning an operating a small shop CNC, and your information surely shed a lot of light on the subject. I hadn't a clue what to look for, I do now after reading this. Thank you!


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              Reading this thread has been very interesting and informative, thanks Gary!!
              Zach Gunwall - Lexington, SC
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                Just moving this up to the top.
                Great read (my 3rd time)
                Kyle Stapleton


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                  Yes! Hands down the best info I read before purchasing a CNC. Like you have stated, I have read it multiple times and have gleaned something each time.
                  Ron Lee
                  Blackshear, Ga


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                    It has been 5 years since this thread was first started. Along with the over 23,000 views I have received a half dozen or more emails or PM's per month asking for "just a little more advice". I want to share a bit more about this process.

                    In most cases the prospective buyer simply want some clarification from the terminology overload he is experiencing. This is good.

                    What most pre purchase guys don't realize is that without experience they do not have the knowledge to ask the questions needed to make the decisions that they have listed for configuring a machine.

                    My analogy for this would be an 18 year old girl taking a list of things her Dad made for her to a car dealership to buy her first car. She asks all the right questions and appears to absorb all the answers. For 10 different cars, driving the sales guy nuts.

                    In the end she buys the one that connected to Pandora and matched her outfit. She told the sales guy that she would buy it if he filled the tank, because her Dad said that twice. She never realized that the most important thing her Dad did was to send her to a dealership he knew he could trust.

                    Tires, transmission, battery, warranty and gas mileage were all passed over for a good media player and an awesome color.

                    Just like that young lady, first time cnc buyers, most of which have never seen a cnc machine, seldom listen to those in the know. Like her, this will most likely not be your last purchase. You may think you know what you want to cut now, but it is highly unlikely that you have any idea of what you will be cutting in a year.

                    I would like you to remember two things. The first is that virtually ALL the things that you feel important to you pre-purchase will not even be on your radar in a year. The second is that I want you to remember I sent you to a good place. You are here.
                    Gary Campbell
                    Servo Control Upgrades

                    "There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary logic, and those who don't"


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                      I wish you would have gotten into more detail.

                      Tony Wish
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                        If the FAQ section was read by all those who did not reply to the email sent for activation or the new owners for Owner status

                        then the wait and the two to three emails we have to exchange on this would not be required

                        Most important is I cannot do anything with out the screen name !!
                        James McGrew
                        CAMaster ATC 508
                        The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC



                        Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

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                          Cam heads - Thanks for sharing information.