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Stinger I for sale (SR-24) FTC, laser, lift, custom upgrades. Located Northern, NY

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  • Stinger I for sale (SR-24) FTC, laser, lift, custom upgrades. Located Northern, NY

    I purchased this SR-24 used and I am the 3rd owner. When I received it there was a weird binding issue with Y movement and grossly out of linear travel spec as a result. I purchased this machine to prototype parts on for a business I'm starting and I very quickly have outgrown it !! I have a 6' x 10' industrial router showing up this weekend (OH BOY!)
    Also this router was originally equipped with a Milwaukee router. I have installed a HQD 2.2KW (3HP) (import HSD wannabe ) and VFD. Currently I do not have G-code control of spindle speed as I would need to upgrade that with Wincnc for $150 and never needed to ;)

    Package price, asking $9,600

    Current machine condition:

    - laser sight
    - air Z lift
    - FTC
    - 2.2KW spindle HQD

    - custom made 3Dprinted dust shroud with magnetic lower plate!
    - Storm vacuum in cabinet with ON/OFF on Stinger control box (handy)
    - rolling cabinet with 4 bins (1 for Storm vac)
    - near new Oneida Air Mini Gorilla cyclonic vac system with HEPA filter.

    The whole machine including spindle and vac are powered through a single cord and individual on board breakers (pics)

    BE AWARE !!!
    * I have custom upgraded the X and Y axis drives and REPLACED the X and Y rack and pinion !!!

    I was told by Camaster they can not / will not sell individual replacement parts for the stepper gear reduction drives so i rebuilt them with new HTD timing belt pulleys WITH A LOWER GEAR RATIO! This gives better resolution as well as more chug (still have plenty of travel speed). I also modified the bearings in the drives to a larger size! I have cut aluminum, 3/4" Mapleply, and 1" HPDE with extremely good finish quality!

    The rack and pinions were upgraded to a MOD 1.5 metric gear profile and are FAR SUPERIOR to what i found on the machine. The factory Y rack in particular was a mess! extremely warped (causing the binding!) Again; I'm the 3rd owner so I have no clue why it was as bad as it was...?

    Also have a basically NEW (Purchased June 2021) Onedia Air Gorilla vac setup that is included (If your not interested we can discuss removal from package price)

    Several items had been neglected on this Stinger but I went beyond repairing and upgraded it into a real nice piece of kit (I modified the .ini file for all resolution changes and even checked the output with a industrial Newall DRO scale )

    I love the machine and would honestly would just rather keep it for training and projects with my kids but my new router has a 9' x 12' footprint not including the Vac pump and I'm OUT OF SPACE !! lol
    Plus I could use the capital ;)

    Heck; the computer stand was made on the router as well and if you'd like it its yours!

    The only flaw with the machine is the Phenolic vac top was cut into quite a lot by a previous owner. Hasn't been an issue just not pretty.
    Also, the electrical cabinet is cramped. Agreed. If you would rather have the power supplies separate I'm happy to re-wire anyway you would like.

    Questions: I'm sure you'll have some. Ask away.
    I'm rarely on here so please email for serious inquiry's.​​​

    -Jeff :)

    More photos here:


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    Where are you located


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      As Admin I have always encouraged the resale of Camasters on the forum, This Machine with the stated modifications iMy Guess is the purchaser not be able to purchase non original owner support from CAMaster, Think like buying a modified beyond original specs. this is a Disclaimer it is not normal for me to allow these to be sold here so i would like to see some photos of the Modifications,

      I can see the drives yet show me more.

      Tho Clarify I modified my 2008 X3 Cobra beyond Spec and sold it with a disclaimer

      the machine also liiks to be "Recoil Ready" seeing the extended Gantry, I would probably contact CAMaster if that is a feature the purchaser would like to add later.
      James McGrew
      CAMaster ATC 508
      The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

      Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

      fixed 4-27-2020


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        IMG_3533.JPG IMG_0991.JPG IMG_3474.JPG IMG_010622.JPG

        I'm located near Watertown, NY.

        There is a link in my post to a lot more photos and some videos as well (let me know if it doesn't work) I'll upload a few more here as well. (having severe issues attaching photos correctly! lol)

        Yes; not the original owner and they didn't want to deal with me plus they wouldn't sell me individual components (probably not possible if there's component changes from time to time)
        The nice thing is they are pretty basic machines and with a bit of learning there isn't much you cant do on your own. Was going to upgrade it to servos and add a touch probe but didn't make sense for me to go that far..

        The gantry is extended but the driver is only for 3 axis. Stepper driver would have to be exchanged to a 4-axis model to run the recoil option.

        -Jeff :)


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          Some of the components / projects I've done as well ;)
          The cut quality is excellent now :D

          IMG_3476.JPG IMG_3551.JPG IMG_2187.JPG IMG_3538.JPG IMG_2291.JPG IMG_2872.JPG


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            Excellent, I have modified machines in the past, My single biggest reaon for getting behind Camaster was the open design and non propietary parts, that meant as years went on I could always keep her running. I equated that to a Harley Davidson in theory (and I had a few of those) Nice work and machine.
            James McGrew
            CAMaster ATC 508
            The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC



            Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

            fixed 4-27-2020


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              Thank you very much ;)

              it’s too bad I have to let it go because it is such a nice little setup and would love to keep it for side projects and to teach my kids on (parental operation of course! Haha)
              but I am just OUT OF ROOM! Lol

              should make a really nice setup for someone that wants turn key operation in a nice moveable package.

              wasn’t sure if I should put it on casters but they have been a god send!

              -Jeff :)