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Stinger 2 Mister / Air on bit

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  • Stinger 2 Mister / Air on bit

    Hey Everyone,

    Just receiverd my new Stinger 2 34 w/ servo upgrade. Ive got her running and have chaged around my wincnc screen buttons to my liking.

    I have a spare channel on my board and I see the mister macro is set up to call M11C3 and Mister off calls M12C3.

    I was enabled the button on the win cnc screen. when I click mister on the diag window in win cnc it says:

    Running C:/wincnc/macros/mister_on.mac
    M11C3 [misteron

    Finished: /C:wincnc/macros/mister_on.mac
    Elapsed Time: 0 Second

    This is what is written in the CNCSCRN.ini

    "AuxOutex",559,404,120,30,3,0,"MISTER","C:/WINCNC/Macros/Mister_On.mac","M12C3",-1,-1,"Mister on.bmp","Mister Off.bmp" 5

    any idea why it finishes right away without the relay clicking.

    I also dont have anything wired to that output yet.

    Thank you for your help everyone!