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New Panther 5x10 Setup Questions - vacuum exhaust temperature and air leak

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  • New Panther 5x10 Setup Questions - vacuum exhaust temperature and air leak

    Just rigged into the shop my new Panther 5x10 with 5hp spindle :-) Excited to make my first cuts but want to get the supporting systems right before going. I had a couple questions related to the compressed air and vacuum.

    When I connect the air line, there is an air leak somewhere in the z axis. Is this normal (perhaps to keep dust away from spindle internals) or could there be potentially a loose connection in the air lines for the spindle collet assembly or dust boot?

    I have the Hurricane Black Box unit and I'm considering running the exhaust through the wall and outside. Is the temperature similar to a dryer or hotter? My thought was to use solid ducting and a cover much like a dryer but its not clear from the documentation how hot it can potentially get.

    For those interested in some rigging details. I used a crane from my digger Derick to lift from the trailer, making sure to keep the slings away from the gantry and rack on the side. Then slid it into the shop using a combination of machine skates and a 5k pallet jack. It was a tight fit through the garage door but overall fairly smooth.

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    I ran my Hurricane exhaust though an existing vent I had in my garage. I did have to run metal conduit for about 18 inches before switching to PVC in order to reduce the heat enough to be within PVC heat tolerances. It has worked good for about a year.

    I am getting a new machine in a week and will be facing some moving challenges myself. Wishing I had a crane!!


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      Venting the Hurricane outside shouldn't be a problem as long as the line isn't restrictive. Be sure that the outlet is protected from critters, etc.

      If you do not have an ATC, your machine should not "use" air for a counterbalance. If you do have an ATC, there may be air usage...but folks more knowledgeable than me will have to explain.
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        Thanks for the help. I took a closer look tonight and one of the air lines has a leak at the fitting. I will contact support.


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          The air you hear leaking from the bottom of your spindle is to cool the lower bearings and to keep particulate out of the spindle cone when you don't have a tool in there or when it's changing tools. It's normal but uses ALOT of air constantly. I have a 60gal compressor and it cycles about every 12-14 minutes.
          Venting the exhaust from your vaccum outside isn't a problem. It's about the temp as a hair dryer. Be sure your neighbors are aware because it's a little noisey. And also be sure you have ventilation inside your shop because you don't want to create a negative pressure atmosphere.
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            I explained some of my exhaust set up here. Best of luck.


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