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Stinger 3 laser speeds

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  • Stinger 3 laser speeds

    Hello just received my SR-48 this week and I was messing with the laser since I don’t have my vacuum set up yet. I was wondering what’s the fastest speed I can go engraving a image.bmp through wincnc? Or if I’m engraving through vcarve. Material is MDF.
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    YMMV so you need to make test runs. Also make sure to set laser power at 100%.
    The 7W laser is surprisingly wimpy... I was not able to burn through white unwaxed butcher paper even after 3 passes at 100%.
    Brown paper - no problem cutting with the laser - I use it for templates all the time.
    I also laser a grid onto my MDF spoil board after surfacing it and it works fine while moving along pretty fast but these are long straight lines.
    For an image you might be going pretty slow due to gantry movements AND the laser turning on and off constantly while dithering the image.
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      VFerny, I just set up my stinger about a month ago. I have not got around to using the laser. Did you get the module from Vetric? or did you set up the laser as a tool? or is there a g code the turns on and off the laser?


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        Ken Suer I got the 7w laser with the machine, so far I’ve only been using the laser through Wincnc the method in the manuals where you upload a picture through gimp and set up the image a certain way and then convert it to bmp file and just open it like that on Wincnc, once you open it you input your feedrate. I haven’t tried the other method where you use vcarve but It looks pretty easy too. Also on my machine on wincnc, I hit route mode, then laser engraver left, then bring z down till i touch material then hit zero engraver, and then set my x0y0 and ready to open a bmp image or file from vcarve


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          Thank you for the info. I will look in to win cnc method


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            I have not got around to using the laser. Did you get the module from Vetric? or did you set up the laser as a tool?


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              45F6386E-BD65-402C-90F4-F1D8A1946EA7.jpeg I have the 14w laser and the vetric laser software. On the cut and fill, I am using 100% and 50 ipm
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                cvauto I did not get the laser module from vectric. I haven't tried cutting with the laser, only engraving so I don't know how to set multiple passes. I set my laser as a tool and then used quick engraving and the post processor for laser


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                  I finally got around to using the laser. 1FB29E83-746E-4065-8D5A-4C635D07309B.jpeg 5183633D-AB3B-4F6B-AE12-CE177EA7C262.jpeg


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                    Just to update all who might be interested in upgrading to the J Tech 14W laser, CAMaster recently CONFIRMED to me that they "do not offer a kit to upgrade from the 7W to the 14W." They "do offer the 14 W on new machines being purchased." This means that CAMaster owners will have to go directly to J Tech to seek help in regard to such an upgrade. Same approach by CAMaster as with a practical dust boot!
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