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  • Floating Dust Boot

    Has anyone made a floating dust boot?

    I’m wanting a version that does not move up and down with the Z axis, but instead one that you manually adjust the boot to the stock height and the spindle moves up and down inside of it.

    For reference, I have a stinger w/1.0kw spindle.

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    Do you have an atc or not. I think it is possible yet i do not think i have seen one on this forum
    James McGrew
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      When I think about this, it appears to me that this would be a very difficult thing to engineer because of the way the gantry and Z-axis works. A hood as described would have to be mounted to and run with linear bearings on the same rails for the X-axis and move laterally as the machine moves the spindle left and right, but not be in contact with the mounting plate for the spindle which moves up and down. You'd be completely reengineering the machine to accomplish that and there might be space constraints for the linear bearings on the left side as the gantry doesn't have a lot of extra room in that direction.
      Jim Becker

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