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Busch Mink losing suction?

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  • Busch Mink losing suction?

    Total newbie here and I'm trying to get the machine up and running for my cabinet shop. After getting our Busch Mink pump and dust collection hooked up, we tried to make the first cuts on the machine. However, it seems like the vacuum pump isn't holding enough. The MDF that we are trying to cut for the spoilboard still moves around. When we first turn the vacuum on we can get decent pressure and the MDF doesn't move but as soon as the head of the machine moves at all, that pressure is release and the MDF can slide around. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with their Busch Mink? Any suggestions to fix this problem?
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    Is the vacuum been activated on the wincnc screen? Mine turns red from green. When I turn it on. My sheets do what yours is doing when I forget to activate it.
    Are you taking a deep cut in the mdf? Too deep of a cut will move the mdf sheet.
    Assuming you have a black painted grid table. Did you surface the paint off the top? It could be slick enough to let your spoil board slide. If your going to glue down the spoil board . Do this first.
    If your table is set up with vacuum zones. Are they all on?
    What machine do you have?
    Eddie Kitson
    Cobra 5x8 ATC
    5hp spindle
    20hp regen vac
    laser pointer
    V carve 9.5


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      A valve must be opened or something. A full sheet of MDF should not move no matter HOW deep of a cut you make on it. Even with only 10"hg, that is about 23,000lbs of pressure pushing down on that sheet.
      Russell Crawford
      Cobra 408 ATC with recoil
      Alberta, Canada