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  • Fair asking price Stinger 1 sr24

    I have Stinger 1 SR24 with performance package (pneumatic lift assist, FTC, laser X0Y0, vacuum table, pc windows 10 Wincnc and Aspire 11.5. Purchased brand new January 2022 and arrived May 2022. There’s a rock solid table built for machine that’s included. If I post pictures/videos then could more knowledgeable users help me price this machine? Also, Codie was here for 3 days in November to troubleshoot a factory issue. Y transmission motor drive shaft was machined incorrectly at Camaster. Codie rebuild all transmissions, performed a professional factory setup and machine runs perfect. So, as of November 2022, this machine is in pristine factory condition.

    I’m located in Midlothian, VA. It’s a rural area outside of Richmond,VA. A machine is only worth what someone is willing to pay. That being said, pm me with questions and/or offers. I noticed people frequently ask, “Why are you selling machine”? Reason for selling machine:

    I am an artist and always have been at my core. The endless hours of being part time machinist/graphic designer/3D modeler inside a computer has taken all the love out of working with hand tools. My preferred medium is raw materials, a vision and creative process using hand tools.
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        Photos from different angles. Maintenance schedule kept up and done on schedule.


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          Your Stinger 1 SR24 with all those upgrades sounds pretty solid. Posting pics and vids can help experts give you a good price. Codie fixed up the machine in November, making it pristine as of 2022. I'm in Midlothian, VA, and it's all about what someone's ready to pay. PM me with questions/offers. Selling it 'cause I'm an artist at heart and prefer hands-on creativity over computer work.


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            There is one on Ebay that has been for sale a pretty long time with a router and not a spindle. I think he is asking around 7k and not having luck. Another one that is a 2x3 with a router for around 6k. Yours has more to offer, so I would guess maybe 8 for the right buyer looking for that machine and not wanting to wait for the ordering process.
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              Thank you for replies. I got som solid feedback in the Camaster Facebook group. I removed listing from Facebook so I could think thru feedback as well as consider all variables when pricing machine. I’m uploading recent videos of last project.


              It was a custom plaque for family friend with very detailed carving. One thing, laser died in September. Reached out to Camaster about replacement. Machine warranty was one year from date of machine arrival. Apparently, there have been manufacturing inconsistencies with this brand of laser which also needs custom wiring at Camaster to work with their machine. Replacement laser is $350 which seems steep considering there’s no guaranty it’ll last any longer than first laser. I’m thinking $8000 is a solid asking price for machine, stand and vacuum table (no pump). No accessories or software since machine was purchased for $11,074 without software. Depreciation of around $3000 over 1.5 years seems fair. I think you can purchase tech support for second hand machines from Camaster. So, there room to add this service while still getting a good deal.

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                Maybe I've missed something but I think selling it with no software or PC with WinCNC card doesn't make a lot of sense. It's not much use without those, right?
                Also, it doesn't look like you have a true vacuum table with the Storm vac that Camaster sells for this machine if you order the vacuum option.
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                  I believe the OP is saying that their Aspire software is not included. The PC and WinCNC card hs to go with the CNC machine as it will not work without it
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                    Oh no, PC with Wincnc is part of the machine. That’s all included. Now, vacuum table is different for good reason. Those storm vacuum systems are extremely loud and rely and very high CFM at a lower inches of Mercury. This setup accomplished superior clamping and holds vacuum around 27-29 inches of Mercury at 5.5 CFM. I’ve been vacuum pressing wood, neck blanks, amp baffles and panels with this setup. All I did was install piping underneath stock MDF table and pour bar top resin for dead flat, air tight operation. Those massive CFM pumps are designed to pull so much air that an MDF spoilboard can be used with vacuum. For me, that doesn’t work since by projects have very complex contours and a more focused vacuum clamping is needed using vacuum jigs which index at certain zones for certain parts. I’ll post videos of vacuum clamping setup soon.